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Seahawks Superbowl victory parade

Starting a week before the Superbowl the entire Pacific Northwest has been electric with energy. Most could not make it to New Jersey to watch the game in person but all were watching on TV that day. If you live in the Pacific Northwest then you already know about the explosions of celebrations that happened everywhere you looked that day. Now that the Seahawks are headed back to Seattle the city has decided to hold a Seahawks Superbowl victory parade in their honor. The parade is scheduled to take place today, February 5, 2014 and will travel down Fourth Avenue to CenturyLink Field starting at 11 a.m.

Seahawks Superbowl victory parade
Heather Marseillan

The streets along the parade route are closing down and the city of Seattle is expecting abut 300,000 people to be at the parade and celebration at CenturyLink Field. Many businesses along the parade route are busy preparing for the hordes of people that are about to descend on the area and even the light rail that runs through the city is adding additional trains just for this event. As the green and blue colors of the Seahawks brighten up the city and all sounding areas it is easy to see just how proud Seattle is of its beloved Seahawks.

Here is what you can expect today:

300,000 people around the area from Denny Way to CenturyLink Field

Celebration at the CenturyLink

Seahawks players in the parade

Pete Carroll in the parade

A "Moment of Loudness" at 12:12 p.m.

Blue and green every where you look

12th Man flags and items

The Boeing Seahawks 747-8 will fly near CenturyLink

Cold weather

Seahawks pride and support

School closures and celebrations

Additional buses and trains to and from the area

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