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Social Media rocks during Super Bowl XLVIII

Facebook is popular during the Seahawks and Broncos game
Facebook is popular during the Seahawks and Broncos game , ideagirlmedia, CC BY-ND 2.0, via Flickr

Yes, social media was fired up for Super Bowl XLVIII as Seattle Seahawks took the game against the Denver Broncos. While football was the hot topic on the field, it was also tearing up the social media networks, from Twitter to Facebook, whether you were in Vancouver, BC, or right by the football field itself.

Twitter storm for the Super Bowl

According to the Twitter blog, 24.9 million Tweets were sent out about the Sunday game! And, that’s not even including the ads, which contained their own series of hashtags. Highly mentioned players in the Twitter notes included Percy Harvin and Malcolm Smith.

Regarding the hashtags for Super Bowl ads, Marketing Land explains that 57 percent of the ads that ran across the US contained the popular “#” symbol. That’s more than the 50 percent usage for the game the previous year, making a new record.

Facebook for the XLVIII game

Facebook, however, was the social media network of choice for Super Bowl XLVIII. Yes, many people in Vancouver and across the globe tuned in to view posts and comment during the football game between Seahawks and Broncos. As per Lost Remote, 50 million people were on Facebook Sunday night, with their interactions reaching 185 million that evening.

These high numbers of interactions on social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook tell us that people are eager to interact online during big events like Super Bowl XLVIII. It will be interesting to see what the social media reactions are in the days following the event regarding the Seahawks win over the Broncos.

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