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Seahawks maul inept Broncos 43-8 to win Super Bowl XLVIII

Seahawks' Malcolm Smith scores TD wirh Pick 6 against Peyton Manning
Seahawks' Malcolm Smith scores TD wirh Pick 6 against Peyton Manning
Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images

On paper, the two teams were evenly matched. On the field, the Seattle Seahawks played a solid game, and the Denver Broncos were woefully inept. The result was a 43-8 victory for Seattle on Sunday afternoon in Super Bowl XLVIII, and the first football World Championship in the Seahawks' 39 year history.

Seahawks' quarterback Russell Wilson hoped to shine against Peyton Manning. Wilson more than accomplished that feat, outplaying his more heralded opponent. Wilson was 18-26 for 206 yards with two TD's on the day.

The Broncos were really never in it. The opening offensive play of the game entailed a center snap flying past a startled Peyton Manning. The resulting safety put the Hawks ahead 2-0 just 12 seconds into the game. The day was only going to get worse for Manning after that. Two of his first half passes were intercepted, one going for a Pick Six by linebacker Malcolm Smith. It was Smith's second interception in as many games. He intercepted Colin Kaepernick to end the NFC Championship game, a play that was overshadowed by Richard Sherman's post-game interview. Smith was named the MVP of Super Bowl XLVIII.

When Percy Harvin returned the second-half kickoff 87 yards for a touchdown the only thing left to determine was the final score. Harvin's return put the Seahawks up by 30 and, with Seattle's defense, it could have been 130 or more. It was a great ending for Harvin, who cost the Seahawks a lot in terms of draft picks but had been shelved most of the season.

So for Peyton Manning it is loss Number Two, against just one trophy, on the game's biggest stage. When the discussion of "The Greatest of all Time" is raised, the two Super Bowl losses will tarnish his reputation, and his future is in doubt. He would dearly love to come back and rinse this game from his mouth, but the doctors will make that determination.

For the Seahawks, it is a party and a parade in Pioneer Square. The 2013/2014 Seahawks stand with the '78-'79 Supersonics as the only championships America's farthest flung major city has ever won. It will be a hot time in the Emerald City tonight.

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