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Seahawks give Seattle first victory parade in decades

Seattle fans to attend first victory parade in 35 years
Seattle fans to attend first victory parade in 35 years
Photo by David Ryder/Getty Images

The Seattle Seahawks will be part of a landmark day in Seattle on Feb. 5. It is already a record-setting day for the Seahawks franchise, since it will be its first post Super Bowl victory parade in history, following its first ever Super Bowl victory on Feb. 2. However, the city of Seattle has been waiting for a championship nearly as much as the Seahawks themselves have.

The Seahawks were only in existence for four years the last time the city of Seattle had a professional sports championship. After the Seattle SuperSonics won their first and only NBA title in 1979, no other pro sports teams in town won it all until the Seahawks did in Super Bowl 48.

Since 1979, Seattle has lived through the loss of the Sonics, the ups and downs of the Mariners and the Seahawks being mostly down for much of their history. It saw the Sonics lose the 1996 NBA Finals to the record-setting Chicago Bulls, the Seahawks lose the 2006 Super Bowl to the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Mariners lose two ALCS's without getting to a World Series. Other than that, the town hadn't gotten close to having a champion until now.

This parade is 35 years in the making, and is due to start at 11 a.m. pacific time south of Seattle Center. About two hours later, the Seahawks will arrive at CenturyLink Field, home of their much feared '12'th Man' crowd. Those who can't get into CenturyLink Field will fill up the Mariners' home stadium, Safeco Field, to watch the ceremonies on a live feed.

When the Sonics won their championship in 1979, 300,000 people came to celebrate, according to the Seattle Times. The audience for the Seahawks' parade could come close to doubling that, or at least top half a million. After 35 years of pent up waiting, and with the Seattle faithful now known throughout the NFL as being historically loud, it may certainly feel like millions will be out in full force.

The Seahawks have taken Seattle off the list of cities who haven't hosted a pro championship parade in decades. Now the likes of Cleveland, San Diego, Buffalo and Milwaukee will watch and hope their time can come someday too -- although none of those towns have teams like the Seahawks right now.

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