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Seahawks California: Limiting of ticket sales, Seahawks challenge 49ers fans

Seahawks California: Limiting of ticket sales, Seahawks challenge 49ers fans
Seahawks California: Limiting of ticket sales, Seahawks challenge 49ers fans
Wikimedia Commons, Stadium File Photo

The Seahawks’ choice to not sell tickets in California this week may pose a real challenge to many 49ers fans interested in attending the upcoming NFC Championship game. With the ongoing NFL rivalry between the Seattle Seahawks and the San Francisco 49ers standing as one of the biggest competitions in all of football, it seems to make sense that the two may make it difficult for fans of the opposite team to attend a showdown. Fox Sports shares this Monday, Jan. 13, 2014 that this appears to be the case for the tensely anticipated face-off — coming next Sunday — with a limiting of online ticket sales being made available.

The Seahawks California story begins with fans realizing that the NFC Championship game will be taking place in Seattle, the home of the Seahawks. And it looks that the NFL team doesn’t want to make it too easy for many 49ers fans to buy their own tickets directly, having decided to limit overall ticket sales sites to only six states (as well as the Canadian Provinces).

SF Gate and other sources confirmed that Hawaii, Alaska, Montana, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho residents will be the only ones eligible to buy tickets online using credit cards. Here’s a snippet from the press release on the Seahawks California plan:

“Just last week, fans from both teams decided to donate money to children's hospitals in Seattle and San Francisco. Now, the Seahawks are limiting ticket sales to just six states and the Canadian Provinces.

Only credit cards with addresses from Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, Alaska and Hawaii will be allowed to buy tickets to Sunday's NFC Championship between the 49ers and Seahawks at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. All other locales will not be made available.”

Many Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers fans alike don’t need to be too astute to notice that California was omitted from the list, and with a majority of 49ers fans understandable supporters of their home state team, that might pose a challenge to secure a ticket. For California and other state residents, it looks like the only option left is to buy a more expensive ticket after the selective limiting on retail sites like Stubhub.

What’s your response to the Seahawks California headline? Is it one NFL team’s efforts to raise the stakes and an unspoken challenge in the major rivalry, or just a coincidence? Sound off below.