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Seahawks are not really in play for flaky DeSean Jackson

Wide receiver DeSean Jackson celebrates a touchdown against the Detroit Lions on Dec. 8, 2013
Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

As the Seahawks wait for the Jared Allen drama to end, another report Saturday linked them to mercurial receiver DeSean Jackson, who apparently is being shopped by the Philadelphia Eagles in advance of the team possibly releasing him.

While some fans jumped all over the idea of the Hawks adding Jackson, the simple fact is: The team won't be trading for him or signing him if he is cut.

This was just another instance of the Seahawks doing their due diligence. As coach Pete Carroll said last year: "We can't always act on them, but we're involved in every single transaction that we can possibly be involved with."

Jackson is just the latest in a long line of talented but narcissistic wide receivers to come through the league – it has been a plague of sorts.

Carroll and Schneider are always willing to check out talented players – even if they come with baggage -- and sometimes add them.

In the past they checked into trading for Brandon Marshall and Vincent Jackson. They actually signed Braylon Edwards and Terrell Owens (he didn’t make the team). And this offseason, they reportedly investigated longtime head case Steve Smith and now Jackson.

Jackson is coming off his best season of six in Philadelphia: 82 catches, 1,332 yards, nine touchdowns. But he is known as an immature malcontent, and it is still stunning to think the Eagles gave him a five-year, $51 million contract in 2012 after he pouted his way through a horrible 2011 season.

No team in its right mind is going to give the Eagles a draft pick to take on Jackson's $10.5 million salary. But if he were willing to redo his deal for a new team, a trade could happen. The New York Jets, New England, San Francisco and Carolina reportedly are interested.

But count the Hawks out. They gave a ton of money to Percy Harvin last year and seem very unlikely to do it again with Jackson or anyone else, especially when the draft offers an amazingly deep receiver class.

It would be surprising – and stupid -- if the Hawks ended up making room for a chucklehead like Jackson, no matter how talented he might be when he wants to be.

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