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Seahawks 747: Plane flying for Super Bowl 2014 fans, number 12 salutes the state

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A Seahawks 747 is flying high over the state of Washington this week to excite football fans everywhere for the Super Bowl 2014 game day this Sunday. In order to support the team and get people even more prepped for the major sports event — if that’s even possible — a Boeing 747 was recently painted the Seahawks’ colors and caught soaring over Seattle to act as a rallying sign of support and readiness. Fox News shares this Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, that not only is the iconic team logo etched across the flight’s side, but it even bears the Number 12 on its tail as a direct salute to fans.

The Seahawks 747 plane came as a definite but very well-received surprise for many Washington state residents, as the Boeing is proving that the local airlines, too, are revving up for Super Bowl 2014. Although initial photos only showed the big plane getting ready for flight at the airport, people across Seattle and beyond have seen the company’s statement in choosing to paint a massive 747 freighter with the football team’s logo, as well as the Number 12.

This impressive salute to fans comes only a few short days before the heavily anticipated Super Bowl Sunday itself, as part of weekend preparations for the big game between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos. The Boeing 747 plane itself was said to have spread its wings and flown out of the hangar this Wednesday from Paine Field in Everett. It was spotted flying over to Boeing Field by Thursday in Seattle for a momentary pit stop before taking off once more to soar a meaningful 12 pattern over much of eastern Washington.

As provided by the press release on this Seattle Seahawks 747 air show:

“The freighter is owned by Boeing and used for flight testing. Boeing partners with the Seahawks on program in the greater Puget Sound area and is displaying the 747 as a tribute to the team's success as it heads into the Super Bowl.”

Are you excited about the upcoming Super Bowl game this Sunday, Feb. 2? While there was some contention over whether the football event would be delayed due to bad weather, it seems that we fans are going to be able to watch the big game at its expected Sunday night slot between the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos.



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