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Seagreen records presents at Heirloom Arts Theatre

Seagreen Records Presents at Heirloom Arts
Seagreen Records Presents at Heirloom Arts

On Sunday, February 16, Seagreen Records will feature a live music extravaganza at Danbury’s Heirloom Arts Theatre. Bands from near, far, and Canada are set to come rock the punk/rock scene. The lineup is as follows:

Canadian group The Box Tiger will play songs off of their latest album, Set Fire. In addition to the whole ex-pat vibe, their lead voice is female, one of the few (if only!) to debut this evening.

Vasudeva’s Jersey boys will be heading down from their gig Ithaca the night before. They’ll be playing off of their 2013 big release, Life in Cycles. The band is also having a huge merch sale (and is throwing around the word “vinyl??”).

Hit Home. These Bostonians have played with Vasudeva before. That can only mean one thing: friendship. Friendship is good. Here's a clip of Angelo tearing it up.

The Active Ingredients will play mostly songs off of their full-length, Tides. Check out free song samples here.

Let's Get Invisible will “make music and babies for you.” Or so they claim on their facebook.

The White Savages! are also featured in the lineup, though they’ve been pretty closed-lipped via social media about potential song lineups. More on their "experimental punk noise" here.

Doors open at 6:30 pm, $10 at the door covers all of the bands. To see who’s going, learn more, or show some pre-show love, check out the event’s facebook page or Heirloom’s site. The Heirloom Arts Theatre is located on 155 Main St. (around the back!) in Danbury.

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