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Seagate sells movies on USB Drives

Image Credit: CC

Attempting to get an edge on the next new wave in movie technology, hard drive company Seagate has introduced movies on preloaded USB drives which can be watched from any computer or laptop.

The company's plan is to have 500GB USB drives with twenty movies each preloaded onto them. Users will pay $9.99 up to $14.99 each for the unlock codes in order to access and watch the movies. The first of Seagates USB drives with movies will also include a free movie, the recent Star Trek film. Other films available for purchase on these first USB drives is said to include such films as The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Nacho Libre, GI Joe, The Hunt for Red October, Coach Carter, Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius , and The Love Guru.

The company Sonic Solutions first annouced the idea of preloading movies onto USB drives and Dell is now exploring the option of USB drives preloaded with both music and movies. Many technology observers are skeptical about films utilizing USB technology, concerned that this innovation may just become another example of crapware, unuseful or annoying software thats packaged inside other software that you dont want or coimes preinstalled.


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