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Sea World sucks prank? Steve-O changes sign without getting caught (video)

Steve-O is definitely going to have people talking about the killer whales living conditions once again after his latest video. Making a very big point, Steve-O reveals how he changes a freeway sign from “Sea World Drive” To “Sea World Sucks” and he does his stunt during rush hour traffic. According to Fox 5 San Diego on Wednesday, the California State Patrol is considering criminal charges after the celebrity posted his stunt on YouTube for the world to see, but he wasn't caught during his sign changing moments.

Steve-O defaces a highway sign in San Diego
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As most people know, it is not easy to change a highway sign and Steve-O didn’t get it done on the first try either. After several attempts, the man could only access the sign by purchasing a big ladder from a local hardware store and then climbing up to tape the word “sucks” over “drive.” Drivers could see the change as they came up on the interchange and no doubt had a good laugh (or was really upset.)

The volatile situation surrounding the captivity of the killer whales at Sea World has been in the news for months. With the film “Blackfish” and now this highly publicized stunt, once again the issue of changes are being asked surrounding the animal based theme park. Unfortunately, even though the sign came down months ago and the cops are considering charges, there is little that can be done to stop the public relations campaign nightmare seen on social media.

Fans of Steve-O and people who are upset about the concerns surrounding the animals have made the hashtag “#SeaWorldSucks” trend worldwide. And that has created a buzz once again about the issues surrounding the animals and has people taking a peek at the ridiculous incident seen in San Diego on the freeway.

If the California State Patrol or local authorities decide to arrest or charge Steve-O for his actions, it might be a bigger nightmare for Sea World. People will be rushing to the celebrity’s defense as he actually voiced a popular opinion on the situation.

Take a look at the video clip of Steve-O changing the freeway sign.

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