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Sea World Shows Amaze Those Who Gaze

In Orlando, Florida, at Sea World, shoots of water were hurled, as various creatures unfurled.

Polar Bears from the arctic greet you.
Polar Bears from the arctic greet you.
Marisa L. Williams, Thorisaz Views
Dolphins and other sea creatures will amaze you at Sea World.
Marisa L. Williams

Watch their tails thrash. Get soaked with a splash. They jump and get a little fish to gnash.

Dry off in the sun. Their live shows are fun. The trainers know how to wow and stun.

There's an exotic bird in the sky. He wants fish and gives a cry. If one misses, he swoops by.

Birds know the time of the show. They don't need a clock to know. Fly to and fro; dive below.

Dolphins rocket and pop out the water, flip and flop, leaping through a sort of hoop prop.

Aerial artists dangle down. They drop jaws but don't make a frown. Divers are skilled all around.

Their doing flipping twist dives. Husbands smile at their wives. Sea lions can give high fives.

The fin gives a wet slap. A muskrat steals a treasure map. Thought it was a pirate, ol' chap?

Their shows are unreal. They can make an adult gleefully squeal. They also have kid appeal.

Face belly down on a ride, as if ready to hand glide, and watch the view from a different side.

Act as if you're on a helicopter in the ice. Ready a supply to suffice, like a floatation device.

Feel as if you're flying in the air. Land in the land of polar bear. See a walrus' husks and stare.

Glide and spin where penguins play. Watch a show of water spray. Go from arctic to sun in a day.

Another roller coaster dips and twists. The g-force persists, making it top your favorite lists.

Be a lookout from the top of the tower. Take in the landscape and scour. Fear heights? Overpower.

A kid says, “look, Ma, it's Shampoo.” You knew he meant Shamu. Check out the killer whale, too.

Climb the giant playscape. Feel like a superhero in a cape. Crawl through tunnels to escape.

Get splashed by a water squirt. No, it doesn't really hurt, but if not expecting, people can get curt.

People don't always expect to get wet, and it's not a major threat, but in a splash zone you can bet.

If soaked, don't bother to cry. The warm Florida sun will dry, or get a towel from a shop nearby.

Buy a souvenir t-shirt. Learn how they save animals that are hurt. Chomp chocolate for dessert.

Macadamia turtles are great. Chocolate fish should not be used as bait, unless for a kid who can't wait.

Lines go by quicker with candy. Exploring can be mighty dandy. Learn rescuers modus operandi.

What tools do they use? How do they approach an animal with a fuse? Help victims of abuse.

Remember, animals are wild, so don't get too close, child, unless the trainer welcomes and smiled.

Prepare for an animal encounter that's grand. Learn what lives past the sand. Venture off dry land.

The ocean is vast, and it's creatures can move fast. Though much knowledge has been amassed,

there's still much more to know. Will you be a scientist when you grow, or a diver in the show?

Sea World is a place to learn and dream. Build up your self esteem by meeting animals of the extreme.

Much of the world is still unexplored. Next time you're bored, find something that's been ignored.

There may be an oceanographer inside of you. Identify that bird that flew and point out a wahoo.

There's so many types of fish. Watch as their tails swish. This place is surreal, like a granted wish.

With activities for the young and old, exhibits in the hot and cold, Sea World is a place to behold.

For more information on Sea World, visit The author of more than 100 books, Marisa Williams earned her Master's in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University. For more by Marisa, view and for more of her articles, check out

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