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Sea World Explorer Reef to turn shark world inside out

The bamboo shark stars in the new spectacular underwater encounter exhibit at Sea World--Explorer Reef.
The bamboo shark stars in the new spectacular underwater encounter exhibit at Sea World--Explorer Reef.
Adam Benjain

Clear underwater looks into a bamboo shark world full of reef life, on Friday, March 21st, will give San Diegans an experience with a big fish made out of cartilage. Sea World's Explorer Reef exhibit protects the swimming treasure of the sea.

Visitors will enter the water park under a wave sculpture, and, walk into the reef exploration frontiers in a place Sea World built attractions, buildings, and reef shape shade structures. Friday is the stand out day after over a year of planning and construction.

It is also Sea World's 40th anniversary celebration opening.

Over 400 brown banded and white Spotted bamboo sharks will give children, and parents, an opportunity to experience the joy in connecting with a water species in a natural environment. The cleaner fish count in the shark reef totals over 4,000 bony fish.

Nothing stops the bamboo sharks from living strong, and making an impression, in the underwater tank. Explorer Reef is jut one more feature exhibit on the Sea World map Sea World built to open up opportunities for San DIegans to connect with the animals Sea World cares for in the conservation park that helps species stem the tide of population depletion.

Staying a stranger to sea life does not give the Seaa World staff their opportunity to enjoy their work following the 40th year in their work teaching San DIegans the beauty in the sea's living treasures. The conservation park, starting Friday, offers visitors 50 percent price admissions with a full park admission. And, plans to attract tourists using family travel package deals worked out with 12 partner hotelss, like the Bahia Resort Hotel. Animal fans can even buy a Sea World Animal Interaction package and experience a dolphin contact in the water in the Dolphin Encounter, or, visit a beluga whale in the Beluga Encounter.

Sea World Surprises will "bubble up" during the 40th anniversary celebration. New shows and animal exhibits will open.

There is a lot to learn beneath the shark's skin. A major player in the sea's delicate ecosystem, the predators can stay hidden from friendly people's notice. But, not th eunters that hunt shark for food, and fins. Work building up a shark population can be challenging work on species conservation. Sharks, slow in growth and reproduction, recover slow from population depletion.

Entering Explorer Reef will open up visitors' eyes to the bamboo sharks hidden reef world.

The line continues next week. . . .

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