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Sea water helps Honolulu go green and stay cool.

Honolulu at the ocean's edge.
Honolulu at the ocean's edge.
E.L. Hunter

If you see them from a distance, the Towers of One Waterfront sort of look like snails with their curly-q shape. While that may be just my take on it, you can click on the photo to the left and see those Towers a little more clearly on the left hand side of the photo. No matter what you think they look like, we certainly cannot call them snails anymore!

Apparently, One Waterfront has signed on and is now one of the first establishments in Downtown Honolulu to take advantage of what Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning LLC has to offer. This project is all about how to keep Honolulu cool while decreasing Honolulu's dependence on oil.

The beauty of this is that Hawaiian Electric Company is on board with this project and also continues to be supportive of all those who strive to take our State in the right direction. This is a wonderful idea and I am so very proud of Honolulu Seawater Air Conditioning! They have taken something that seemed impossible and they are making it happen. Yet another beauty of being surrounded by the Pacific Ocean.