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Sea Isle City police arrest couple: Sex on the beach leads to lewdness charges

Sea Isle City police arrested a couple for having sex on the beach
Sea Isle City police arrested a couple for having sex on the beach
Photo via Staib from Wikimedia Commons

The Sea Isle City police arrested a couple for allegedly having sex on the beach. shared the details of just what went down.

Officers observed Stephanie Wallington, 23, and Matthew McPeak, 27, engaging in some seriously affectionate activity Sunday afternoon off the shore of the Sea Isle City beach. Things apparently got so hot-and-heavy that a crowd of people had formed and started watching.

The couple, said to be from Philadelphia, were told by police to stop what they were doing and come out of the water. One witness told CBSPhilly that Wallington was slow to emerge because she had a tough time tying her bikini bottom back up again.

Once Wallington and McPeak were out of the water, Sea Isle City police arrested the couple and placed them in handcuffs. They have been charged with lewdness in the fourth degree. Many commenters online are having a bit of fun with this one, mocking the outrage of what the couple did.

It's hardly unusual for a couple to get frisky at the beach, many quickly point out. The mistake for Matthew McPeak and Stephanie Wallington, some would surmise, is that they lacked the discretion to do what they did subtly enough to avoid attracting a crowd on a Sunday afternoon when many families with young children were present. Were the Sea Isle City police right to arrest the couple?