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Sea Isle City police arrest couple: Sex on beach draws 30 gawkers and cops

A couple was taken off the beach in handcuffs after putting on quite the show of having sex in the surf at a New Jersey beach.
A couple was taken off the beach in handcuffs after putting on quite the show of having sex in the surf at a New Jersey beach.
MJG381/ Instatgram

Sex on the beach, it has been done for ages as a romantic risk taking venture, but getting caught having sex in the surf by police can turn a romantic interlude into one very embarrassing moment. In this case the couple arrested for having sex on the beach can relive their arrest and feel the embarrassment all week long as headlines nationwide are spotlighting this romantic caper, reports NewsOxy on June 12.

Sea Isle City Police arrested this couple from Philadelphia who were going at it hot and heavy in the breaking waves crashing over the beach. The two conjured up a scene much more graphic than the famous "From Here to Eternity" love in the surf clip. Once police finally got to them, they seemed to be a bit intoxicated on more than just pure unbridled love.

Mathew McPeak, 27, and 23-year-old Stephanie Wallington were so obvious about what they were doing that a crowd of about 30 people gathered on the shore to watch the show they put on. Other folks who came with kids quickly whisked the little ones off the New Jersey beach to keep them from observing the lewd act, reports the Christian Post today.

The reason they were caught by the police was because the officers decided to investigate why a crowd had congregated along the shore at the 46th Street beach. It didn't take any explanation as to what they were watching as the two continued on with their blatant act of sex. The couple seemed completely oblivious to the huge audience fixated on their sexual encounter in the surf.

The pair was arrested once they came in from the water. Police were waiting with his and hers handcuffs for the duo, which was an appropriate ending to a romp in the waves in this case anyway. The couple was in broad daylight and in eyesight of other beach goers, some with small children.

McPeak and Wallington were both charged with lewdness in the fourth degree. They were released after they were issued summonses. Neither of them have commented on their beach going escapades. One of the 30 or so people standing along the beach, Mike Geraghty, said that the couple "looked pretty confused" when they were met by police.

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