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Sea Isle City police arrest couple: Risky couple arrested for lewd act in surf

Sea Isle City police arrest Philadelphia couple for having sex in the surf.
Sea Isle City police arrest Philadelphia couple for having sex in the surf.

Sea Isle City police arrest a couple who played it risky by having sex in the surf over the weekend. This bizarre story of a Philadelphia couple going all the way out in the waves, were enjoying their time together, but they didn't care who was watching them.

Chrisitan Post reports June 11 that the couple who were playing it dangerously showed off their affection for one another. Officers noticed the exhibition off the Sea Isle City beach. The couple involved was Matthew McPeak, 27, and Stephanie Wallington, 23. The two were arrested Sunday for lewdness, reports.

The insane incident happened about 4 p.m. at 46th Street beach on Sunday, according to police. A crowd of people had grouped together and watched the spectacle unfolding.

Police ordered the couple out of the water, but it took Wallington a while to get out because she was struggling tying her bikini bottom. After that, officers arrested McPeak and Wallington, took them into custody, and released them on a summons.

A lot of couples face arrest for having sex in public. Sea Isle City citizens are probably a little peeved that this is the kind of news their community is making. It happens everywhere, however. It's unclear if he Philadelphia couple arrested for having sex were into the thrill of "risk" in getting "caught." It's actually a fetish for some people.

When Sea Island City police, or any police, arrest a couple for this type of thing at the beach, it's going to make news.

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