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Sea Isle City police arrest couple: Having sex on the beach? Kids were present

Sea Isle City police have arrested a couple for having sex on beach
Sea Isle City police have arrested a couple for having sex on beach
Creative Commons, Flickr Images

Sea Isle City police arrested a couple this week for having sex on the beach in plain sight of the public — with even kids being present. While the intimate encounter among the ocean waves may have begun as simply an overzealous PDA incident, police officials had to step in after the couple began literally having sex in front of others this week. NBC Philadelphia News shares this Thursday, June 12, 2014, that the couple is from Philadelphia and have since been released pending a future court hearing.

The ocean has long been known as a romantic place for the high tide of lovers’ relationship, but when Sea Isle City police arrest a couple for getting down and dirty in the sand, it’s been simply taken too far. Several people phoned the local authorities this week after 27-year-old Matthew McPeak and 23-year-old Stephanie Wallington were charged with public acts of lewdness, having allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse while in the water. The too-physical-for-comfort encounter was said to occur not far from 46th Street in Sea Isle City on a local beach in broad daylight.

According to investigators looking into the weird news crime, NewsOxy adds in their report that the public lovemaking occurred this Sunday in the early evening. One police official noted that prior to the couple’s arrest, over 30 people — including families with young kids — were present when the man and woman began having sex at the highly inappropriate location. One witness said that both McPeak and Wallington seemed to forget where they were and paid no attention to anyone else on the beach.

"They appeared to be heavily intoxicated," noted one spokesperson in a statement. "When police arrived they were pretty confused."

By the time law enforcement officers arrived at the hot and heavy scene, the couple arrested by Sea City Isle police realized their arduous mistake. They were asked to step out from the waves, where both were spotted to be nearly nude. They were then taken into custody and charged with public lewdness. Both McPeak and Wallington have since been released, and await futures court summons. No comment from the steamy duo is available.

In a related weird news and crime story this June, a woman who has been identified as Sara Ann Bade has been charged with assault after waking up one morning to hear her boyfriend muttering "bad things" in his sleep. In a burst of anger, she allegedly began throwing beer bottles at him and beating him with a shotgun.

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