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Sea Isle City police arrest couple: 'Fun in the sun' goes way too far

Sea Isle City police arrest couple
Sea Isle City police arrest couple

The Sea Isle City police were forced to arrest a couple who had been having a little too much "fun in the sun." According to, the couple were having sex in the ocean -- and evidently it wasn't discreet. Police were out on their usual parole when they noticed a crowd gathered on the beach. Upon investigation, cops saw to people showing way too much PDA in the public waters of the Jersey Shore.

The incident occurred near the 46th Street beach at approximately 4 p.m. on June 8. Matthew McPeak, 27, and Stephanie Wallington, 23, were called out of the water by a group of cops waiting for them on the shore. Wallington was apparently naked and had some "trouble" getting her bikini back on.

The Sea Isle City police arrested the couple for lewdness. They were both taken to the police station -- in their bathing suits mind you -- and booked. A short while later, both were released on summonses. It is unclear what kind of consequences McPeak and Wallington face, but many states have up to a 12-month jail sentence attached to a lewdness crime. If the couple both have clear records, chances are they will get off with having to pay fines.

Quite a few people get arrested for having sex in public places, believe it or not. There must be something appealing about "getting caught" that makes the act more fun.

Sea Isle City police will arrest any couple who decides they want to have sex for the world to see -- it's part of their job.