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Sea Isle City police arrest couple after being caught having sex on the beach

The Sea Isle City police arrest a couple for having sex on the beach over the weekend, and it is now making news. This does not involve the cocktail of the same name, but one Philadephia couple decided to get a bit intimate in the ocean waters off New Jersey, and that caused a group of people to stop and watch. Somehow the couple's act is getting nationwide attention today. The Christian Post reported on the couple's arrest on June 11.

Onlooker shares photo of the arrest on Instagram.

Police at the 46th Street beach in Sea Isle City made this arrest around 4 p.m. on Sunday evening. The police saw a crowd gathering near the water, and they were watching something. When the police arrived to investigate the scene, they discovered that the onlookers were watching a couple have sex in the water. The police called the couple back onto the beach, but it took time for the female to join her boyfriend on the shore. She had some trouble getting her bikini bottom back on, but she eventually managed to handle that.

It has been revealed that the couple was from Philadelphia. Matthew McPeak, 27, and Stephanie Wallington, who is 23, were arrested and charged for lewdness in the fourth degree for their ocean romp. They were also issued a summons before they were released by the police. Neither McPeak or Wallington have spoken out about their arrest.

Mike Geraghty, one of the onlookers at the scene, spoke out about the incident. He said the following about the arrest, according to News Oxy: "They appeared to be heavily intoxicated. When police arrived, they were pretty confused." It is clear the couple used bad judgement here, and that alcohol likely caused that bad judgement.

Over 30 onlookers ended up watching as the scene unfolded. One witness even went on Instagram to share a photo of the couple being arrested. The man that posted the photo captioned it with "sex in the ocean? Not on Sea Isle's watch #fatuglyanddrunk."

Sex on the beach is not rare. In fact, it happens more often than people realize. Beaches aren't the only public places people get intimate at either. This incident just happened closer to the public, and it was still quite early in the day. The couple was easily spotted by those passing by. When the crowd began to gather and watch, others happened to become curious and joined in. This is what caused the police interest. Following the arrest, several parents with young children left the beach.

This is not the first arrest of 2014 for sex on the beach. According to the Sun Sentinel, a Florida couple was arrested back in April for having sex at a beach park in Fort Pierce. Shanna Kelley and Sean Dempsey were spotted by a cop being intimate on a picnic table within view of the road. They definitely did not like being interrupted, according to the report.

What do you think? Should the couple here in this case be arrested? Would you stop and watch such a scene if you came across it in public? Share your thoughts below.

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