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Sea change in governments worldwide

Look around you, in your personal quest for survival and success there is a massively changing world. So, what else is new?

Economic sustainability should be top priority

To put this discussion into context, people are demanding from governments accountability for what they expect. Most people, like you, are so close to the action that they may miss the scope and scale of evolution and revolution.

As it has always been, it is about people seeking these things:

  • Human rights
  • Personal freedom
  • Social responsibility
  • Environmental responsibility
  • Safety and security
  • Equality and fairness
  • Good life for all

As individuals, some people have a much easier start than others depending upon the success of their parents and families. For those who are born unto disadvantage, society and governments try to equalize the start. That means taking from the wealthy and advantaged and sharing with those in needs.

In the freest of societies it is hoped that wealthy persons will be philanthropic and generous on their own, like Bill Gates and his wife, for instance. However, not all wealthy persons are freely generous, and voluntary generosity doesn’t ensure that resources reach the people who need it most.

Resource distribution requires management through public policy and programs aimed at ensuring equal access to opportunity, and ensuring that the private sector is operating in an optimal environment in which to produce opportunity.

Today, it isn’t just about simplistic principles, it is about engineering sustainable economies. It begins with answering how economies will be fueled, i.e., energy strategy.

For instance, the economy in the Ukraine is fueled by natural gas supplied by Russia. Natural gas is not a renewable energy source, and for Ukrainians, until they have a renewable source of power of their own, their economy and personal lives will be dependent on the supplier. Self-sufficiency and autonomy cannot be ensured until Ukrainians solve that problem.

By comparison, the United States has much more flexibility in solving the problem of renewable energy, but is government addressing that problem as aggressively as it should? The answer is no. The only way that Americans can be assured of healthy job production and a sustainable economy is when government makes that top priority. It isn’t about simply jobs, it is about engineering a sustainable economy with robust desirable attributes.

In every instance in every place in the world, that is the situation to one degree or another.

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