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SE Portland's Country Cat for brunch? It's a Guy Fieri type of place

Brunch at The Country Cat - Go with an appetite.
Brunch at The Country Cat - Go with an appetite.
The Country Cat

I recently was invited to brunch at The Country Cat on SE Stark. I checked out the menu and read about the Country Fried Steak and Cast Iron Skillet Fried Chicken. I was prepared with an appetite.

I rounded the corner and saw a busy place on a chilly Sunday morning complete with hip young people waiting inside for their turn with some of the rib-sticking specialties. Soon it was our turn for brunch and we were seated at the counter where we could watch the cooks in action. High above, was a signed Guy Fieri (you know, Dinners, Drive Ins and Dives?) graphic. Now I love watching Guy, but could I stomach one of his high calorie choices?

I was right, the brunch menu was laden with things like biscuits and gravy, fried chicken and more waist fat-enhancing delights. I am not a fan of breakfast eggs so opted for their Reuben Sandwich. As I waited, I was entranced by watching the saute pans and skillets artfully handled by the cooks. They had to be strong to pick up those cast iron skillets. They had to be brave to endure the oil spatters as chicken and spoon bread sizzled. They were nice and answered my questions and carried on a pretty good conversation for guys who were multi-tasking with hot pans and skillets.

Each dish that came from that kitchen was HUGE! And some of it, since I do suffer from high cholesterol, was downright scary! At last it was my turn. My Reuben Sandwich with a side of green salad arrived. It was stacked on thick home-made bread. The House Reuben was supposed to be served on rye bread with house pastrami, sauerkraut, & Swiss cheese. As I enjoyed the sandwich it tasted like sliced smoked beef.... slow cooked on the bar-b-que. The cheese and sauerkraut were not all that noticeable. It was delicious... just not the type of Reuben I was used to. Of course I couldn't finish all the bread, but what did it matter, I had a great time. I was following in the footsteps of Guy Fieri.

The dinner menu looks to be a bit more healthy. If you are on the prowl for brunch in SE Portland, are not Vegan and are hungry, Country Cat is the place for you. If you want a congenial, noisy atmosphere, The Country Cat is for you. If you follow in the footsteps of Guy Fieri.... well, go to Country Cat. Brunch is served daily 9a.m. - 2 p.m.

7937 SE Stark
Portland, OR 97215

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