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SD natives look back on Ceaser Chavez's hard work

Chavez celebration dance.
Chavez celebration dance.
Adam Benjamin

Honoring Ceaser E. Chavez's work on social justice is not just an every day habit at the Ceaser E. Chavez Commemoration Committee. San DIegan Mexicans who "embrace our past" yesterday, on the labor leader's holiday, put together the annual celebration Breakfast.

A main event in the south San Diego committee's annual celebration, the breakfast gave the community San Diegans an opportunity to talk and reflect on the "life and legacy of a great humanitarian." Last week was a time for dance stories performed at Ceaser Chavez Elementary. Both key events in a years long line of celebrations started by Chavez's son-in-law Richard Ybarra's commemorative marches in the 1990s, following the leader's death.

Chavez saved Mexican farm workers from an old social order that took the fruits of workers' labor out of their hands without giving the workers a place of equal respect among the sociey's community members. His worker marches he led to prove every worker deserves equal pay, and the empowered life that comes with it, changed the rules inthe labor market. Each worker earned a name, and better pay.

Open opportunities make today's work a little better. The committee councilman David Alvarez works for sets higher marks for Mexicans.

A new life stays in young local Mexicans' sights. Earlier in March, Alex Montoya taught volunteers at a Day of Service event hard work can change the small worlds the young live in. School campuses recently got greater attention from the committee. Service work typically cleans up places to grow up in canyons, and, at schools. This year, using power washers to make school walls clean, and take graffiti off the walls, and, taking eyesores out of playgrounds filled up the work days.

All the work done so each student can learn in cultivating surroundings. The goal is to make sure there are no lost opportunities. Si se puede! the committee says.

The line continues next week. . . .

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