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SD gets $225M in requested San Ysidro POE funds

Progress in work mobilizing the port of entry at the San Ysidro border for load traffic trends was lengthened by the Congress' approval on the 1.2 trillion dollar spending bill this week. SANDAG can now, with the 225 million dollars in project funding Rep. Susan Davis (D-San Diego) and her colleagues asked fromthe President last April, guarantee the project designed to improve traffic flow at the border, and lower wait times, will last until all the work on the crossing expansion and facilities modernization is finished.

Rep. Juan Vargas (D-San Diego), one of the legislators who agreed to send in a funding request with Davis, counts on the federal funding financing a strong pick up in border construction jobs. Finishing the border crossing expansion enterprise will upgrade a world class trade and work crossing. He called the bipartisan agreement on the funding, a "tremendous victory for the San Diego region."

Obama requested the Congress approve the spending on the San Diego project that took 128 million dollars in fiscal year 2014 appropriations to fund, and 97 million in old GSA money put together for the project. The crossing expansion will give San Ysidro the opportunity to put more border patrol agents on the border.

Also counting on affordable housing construction funded by spending the omnibus spending bill made secure to prop up recoveries in the Imperial Valley and Brawley, Vargas welcomed the opportunity for the southern California region to move forward on its growth plans. He thanked the spending supporters for making the San Ysidro project a "priority." The House and Senate Appropriations Committees both gave overwhelming support to the project funds.

San Diego's commercial enterprises will return to plans to create enough jobs to grow the labor markets near the border. Enterprise volume growth will add job creation opportunities across the region. The future larger San Ysidro POE will take in faster stop and go traffic, traffic carrying more valuable cargo, on the way in and out of the region. Davis was "pleased the current delegation was able to build upon our prior efforts to make added lanes a reality."

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