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SD convention center places that will disappear

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Wide open green park grass on the San Diego harbor line, behind the Convention Center, lost its place in the tourist leisure strip the October day the coastal commission okayed the center expansion plan. San Diegans have to cancel park visit plans before the construction workers take over the marina land near the Hilton Bayfront in late 2014.

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Park events, in the future, will happen on the green roof park atop the new building in a southern exhibit hall, built from the west to the new east end, that will add 225,000 square feet to the exhibit space. Tourists will have to stand near the water's edge to view the bay, or, go out into the park in the boat marina.

And, forget about the volleyball played on the grass near the Hilton hotel.

An expansion building that will have a ballroom alongside the new exhibit space will cover ground all the way out to the marina edge path. Work getting the land ready will leave often visited places empty. No back outdoor parking lot behind the convention center. No driving path from Harbor Drive around the back.

The sculptures in the Harbor Drive corner park that draw driver's attention? No art workson the drive is the price San Diegans will pay to have a 500 room addition to the Hilton built on the land next to the San Diego Convention Center's east end.

Before the town gives up its open space land, following an end to the appeal litigation over the project funding, take a last look at the waterfront both locals and tourists enjoyed.

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