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Sculptures at SeaWorld Orlando turn ocean trash into educational treasure

SeaWorld Orlando has four sculptures from the Washed Ashore Project.
SeaWorld Orlando has four sculptures from the Washed Ashore Project.
Barb Nefer

Trash in the ocean is a major problem that threatens many species of sea life. Much of the billions of pounds of garbage comes in the form of plastics, including non-biodegradable items like water bottles and other containers, shoes, and even combs.

SeaWorld Orlando teamed up with the Washed Ashore Project to showcase the problem in a very creative way. The project created four ocean-themed sculptures that are currently on display in the Sea Garden as part of the parks 50th anniversary celebration. You can see the sculptures in the slideshow accompanying this article.

The four figures made from ocean debris are a sea horse, parrot fish, octopus, and sea anemone reef. Their scale is very impressive, with the sea horse standing seven feet tall and the reef spreading out to 12 feet wide. Their beauty belies the fact that trash is extremely dangerous to sea creatures and destroys their habitats.

If you go to see the sculptures, look for the live animal ambassadors who are also on hard daily in the SeaWorld Orlando Sea Garden. Jump to this article to meet some of them. You can see an overview of the celebration kick-off by going here, or check out some of the 50th anniversary merchandise in this article.

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