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Scuba Fitness Motivation: Bubbles of Success

Divers sometimes discover themselves in the constantly changing shapes of bubbles.
D. Ashton, Photographer

"Successful and purposeful improvement is to live learning from the past and planning for the future. Establishing and accomplishing goals helps divers measure progress. Linking goals to a lifetime of diving is both practical and motivating."

Divers are both fascinated and preoccupied with bubbles. Following dive plans, adhering to safety stops, staying hydrated, and remembering not to exercise for 24 hours after diving are all ways divers attempt to avoid bubbles in the wrong places at the wrong time.

Blowing bubbles underwater on the other hand is pure joy. Divers use bubbles to locate other divers, entertain each other with antics such as blowing bubble rings, go to great lengths to photograph bubbles, and sometimes discover themselves in the constantly changing shapes.

Instead of "breaking out the bubbly" many divers get wet the first day of each new year and vow to dive more. California Diver Magazine recently asked readers, "Do you have any "Dive Resolutions" for 2014?" The responses included everything from doing hundreds more dives to becoming a better diver and losing weight.

But for many divers bubbles are quickly burst. Studies indicate that more than 80% of individuals fail at resolutions. Most fitness and nutrition resolutions fail within six weeks. With the new year divers may attempt to make several personal improvements at the same time and on top of that start them all on the same day. It can be overwhelming and the motivation based solely on having a resolution is short lived.

Focusing on goals all the time rather than at the start of a new year is more manageable. Research shows that men who set goals are more than 20% more likely to succeed and women who set goals are more than 10% more likely to succeed.

Divers are better served by making a list of goals. It is alright if it is a long and ongoing list. After all there are a lot of hopes and dreams in every breath and divers make a lot of bubbles in a lifetime. Begin one bubble at a time, commit to it and accomplish it, then begin working on the next bubble.

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