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Scuba Diving in South Africa | Great white shark cage dives

Shark infested waters - Capetown
Shark infested waters - Capetown
rick deutsch

The #1 primo great white shark cage dives are done near Capetown, South Africa. I was down there last month bit didn't blow bubbles this trip. We were touring and my wife did not want to spend another 4 days in Africa.

The best place is called Seal Island, about 40 miles north of Capetown. This is hard core with breaching great whites. Trivia for you…..they are called that because our ancestors saw their huge size and white underbellies.

There are a few operations that will take you out. one that’s highly recommended. They go to “Shark Alley” - only a 20 minute boat from Kleinbaai Harbor.

They will even pick you up in town. A one day adventure is about $125 USD. That, my friends is a good deal. A shop in Alameda, CA charges $1,000 to go out and see them at the Farallon Islands near San Francisco.

No SCUBA certification is needed. You are fed air from a hose. You must rent a wetsuit as water temps are a cold 59 degrees.

There is no guarantee you see anything. But many do “chum” to draw them in. (Surfers hate this.) You take turns in the cage with other passengers. It fits four. Watch what it’s all about in this video. Piece of cake.

Carpe Diem!

Rick Deutsch |

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