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Scuba diving simulation video game released

Cascade Game Foundry proudly released their first reality-based adventure game yesterday, Infinite Scuba. Infinite Scuba is an interactive game that allows players of all ages to experience the underwater sport of Scuba Diving from the comfort of their own home.

The Seattle-based software company partnered with with PADI, Mission Blue, DEMA and several SCUBA gear companies to create a realistic underwater world. PADI Americas’ Vice President of Marketing and Communications commented, “The PADI organization’s goal is to help people learn to dive and appreciate the wonder of the underwater world. Through our partnership with Cascade Game Foundry, PADI and Infinite Scuba will introduce an even broader audience to the excitement of diving and encourage them to dive into the real thing.”

Players start their adventure in Chuuk Lagoon, with more new dive sites on the way from developers. During the simulated dive, players have the option of leisurely exploring the dive site or completing missions such as finding the propeller of a wreck to unlock different items. As players maneuver through their underwater environment, they can learn about marine life, history of the site and useful information about diving, all while realistically keeping their eye on their air gauges. The adventure is complete with the sound of air bubbles escaping the player’s regulator and the crackling of shells and rocks as the current gently moves them back and forth.

Armchair explorers and anyone interested in diving can download the game at Infinite Scuba’s website.