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Screw the boss – Fun at Work Day happens Tuesday

On a good day at work, your boss probably has most of your attention after that first cup of office coffee – maybe even on Tuesdays.

This coming Tuesday, however, it may prove unusually difficult to stay on task at work.

This coming Tuesday, however, it may prove unusually difficult to stay on task.

Get your gaming hats on. January 28 is Fun at Work Day.

Be the first in your workplace to organize some.

Low-tech tourneys

Of course there are the well-appointed workplaces with the Xboxes and Wiis and Playstations where most of us don’t work.

But that doesn’t mean that we, too, cannot participate.

Consider the following as possible games to build tournaments around:

  • All about paper airplanes – Sexiest designs, most air worthy, farthest flight, etc.
  • Longest paper clip chain – Total overall length, best test of patience, best of use of color
  • Pass the stapler – Compete to see which teams can make the most consecutive passes
  • Office phone tag – Rules of play same as baseball.
  • Toilet paper chair races – Best sprint, fastest relay team, Longest distance with and without elevators

Cellphone madness

If your office can’t accommodate the more physical tournaments, how about organizing tourneys around mobile games?

It’s a rare bird indeed who doesn’t have some cool game always cued up on the phone.

The obvious choice is, of course, ‘Angry Birds.’

With nine different games, each with multiple levels, there’s something for every slinger and slinger wannabe.

True, not everyone thinks ‘Angry Birds’ is fun, but there are plenty of other ways

  • Pass & play – Many mobile games have a pass-and-play option that lets two or more people compete in the same instance of the game. Take a straw a poll then choose four or five games that everybody knows. Some people will favor the electronic versions of traditional board games like checkers and Monopoly® while others will want to try newer games like Collapse® and Tetris®.
  • Best all around – Organize teams with specialists to compete across multiple games for the best overall score.

Train your employer’s brain

No, it’s not utter crap that certains kinds of videogaming can actually sharpen your acumen, not to mention your hand-eye coordination.

But not necessarily the games you think.

Believe it or not, not everyone is equipped to succeed at Super Mario® or Microsoft’s Flight Simulator®.

Organize tourneys around the scads of FREE brain-training games available on online sites like Royal Games, and MSN Games.

Your boss will be impressed with your initiative, and you may actually learn something.

Even better than a paid holiday

Take this golden opportunity to bring your best leisure skills to the office.

Look at all the new life experience you can bring to your job if you’ll just unbend a little at work.

All this and a day’s pay, too.

It’s hard to ask for more.



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