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Screenwriter turned “Killer”: Stephen Carpenter to Release Second Thriller

When a crime fiction writer gets blamed for a homicide, the general consensus is who didn't see that coming? Writers of this genre, especially those that orchestrate horrific murder scenes with bad guys who always get away, are generally known for their macabre imaginations. But what happens when those horrific murder scenes happen before they're even written? The writer goes from imaginative to suspect.

Stephen Carpenter
Stephen Carpenter
Stephen Carpenter's Killer Series

So begins the first novel in the haunting Killer series by screenwriter turned novelist Stephen Carpenter. Having dabbled in screenwriting for years, churning out screenplays for notable films like Oceans Eleven, and creating shows like NBC's upcoming Grimm, Carpenter has made writing his own again. In a recent interview on Goodreads, Carpenter said the best thing about writing a novel versus a screenplay is, “With a novel, you're the actor, director, production designer, cinematographer, etc. With a novel, you have the final say.”

Killer, the first installment released earlier this year, centers around Jack Rhodes, who after the loss of his wife turns to writing crime fiction novels as an escape. No one bats an eye when his scripted murder scenes start playing out in real life because clearly, the murderer is a copy cat. Enter a few forensic scientists and top notch investigators who find that the murders actually predate Rhodes's novels and match them kill for kill, and you've got yourself a thriller.

Lucky for Jack the party is just getting started, and who doesn't love a killer good time? Carpenter's second novel in the Killer series is called Killer in the Hills which follows Jack all the way to Hollywood. Unfortunately, fans of the series will have to wait till December 6th to find out whether or not it's Jack's time to kill. In the meantime, his first book is available for download on Kindle, iPad, or Amazon, and you can catch NBC's Grimm on Oct. 28 at 9/8c.