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Screams send police to Maine home: Enamored male pig screaming at sows in heat

Pig screaming bring police to Maine home
Pig screaming bring police to Maine home
Photo by Adam Berry/Getty Images

Maine police answered a call of a neighbor who reported she heard screaming coming from the house next door. Fearful that someone was getting hurt, she summoned the cops, but when the authorities arrived it was not at all what they expected to find.

The blood curdling screams were coming from a pig, but they were screams of happiness not pain. The woman whose house that police were called to said that the pig was screaming because it was overjoyed, according to the Miami Herald Weird News on Feb.4.

What the neighbor mistook for a person in distress, was in fact a very enamored pig. This porker was about to embark on a day of fun and he was ecstatic once he realized this. The owner had just placed this male pig in a pen with five sows in heat. He was screaming alright, but those were sounds of ecstasy pig style! Police left and let the pig get on with his day