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Screaming for ice cream


Ah, Ice cream. Pretty much everyone loves it, so much so that it might as well be America’s alternative pastime. However, it is inevitable that either one overindulges or completely avoids the stuff- usually because of diets (America’s third pastime?), lactose intolerance or because they are vegan or a lacto/ovo-vegetarian wanting to decrease their dairy intake. So, roaming the aisles of frozen desserts to find a sweet, dairy-free treat can be exhausting. That is, until two front-and-center dairy-free ice cream companies came to the rescue.

Soy Delicious and Rice Dream/Soy Dream have both developed lines of dairy, and in the case of Rice Dream, soy-free desserts (for those with allergies to soy products) that will have you bouncing off the walls with excitement, not to mention, quite delightfully full.

The Soy Delicious company has ice cream flavors in: Cherry Nirvana, Praline Pecan, Cookie Avalanche, Chunky Mint Madness, Purely Vanilla, Peanut Butter Zig Zag, Chocolate Obsession, and Chocolate Brownie Almond. Each of these flavors will have you quickly dumping your current dairy ice cream obsession and turning towards this healthier alternative.

Rice Dream’s ice cream flavors come in: Carob Almond, Cocoa Marble Fudge, Cookies and Dream, Mint Carob Chip, Neopolitan, Orange-Vanilla Swirl, Strawberry, Vanilla, and Vanilla Swiss Almond. They also have frozen chocolate bars, juice bars, fruit juice, and chocolate and vanilla flavored rice and soy milks fortified with calcium (in case you’re worried about that sort of thing). Another product Rice Dream has recently rolled out is its scrumptious Rice Dream Horchata!

Also, Rice Dream has in its yummy back pocket, a line of Hemp Dream and Almond Dream milks, each with plant-derived Omega 3 fatty acids and both are loaded with protein. 

For more info: Visit Rice Dream  and Soy Delicious


  • Michael Coronado 5 years ago

    I've tasted it. It's pretty good. It's one of those things you have to get used to though. :)

  • Erik Jacome 5 years ago

    That Rice Dream Horchata sounds AMAZING! I love it when healthy food companies take control of their yumminess (so a word!). The flipside is McDonald's complementing their Double Quarter Pounder w/ Cheese (no lettuce, extra mayo) with a stack of apple wedges. Health FAIL!