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Screaming Bridge

Most have heard of the screaming bridge or the "cry baby bridge" that is located on Maude Hughes Road in Fairfield. Over the years many have told the story of hearing a girl scream but there are many more stories told that surround this particular bridge. There is a "cry baby bridge" in every state and more specifically every county in Ohio. Strange huh? Well, investigations have turned up nothing but still there are strange reports of people experiencing something that is unexplainable at this bridge. Urban myths is what these reports are often called but when you read a first hand encounter it almost makes the word Urban myth exactly how it is defined. Take a look for yourself, this first hand encounter was written and published on this site, Forgotten Ohio. Read it and see for yourself.

The legend goes that despite the bridge being reported to be built with grooves which can lead someone to thinking it's someone screaming, the bridge sits about 25 feet high above some railroad tracks. The most popular story is that of a guy and a girl whose car stalled on the top of the bridge. He tells the girl to stay in the car while he sees what is wrong and then went to try to get help. Upon his arrival back to the car the girl was found dead hanging on the side of the bridge. Many have reported not only hearing a woman screaming but a baby too. Another story involved a woman and her baby. The story leading up to her throwing the baby over the bridge and then hanging herself on the bridge is unclear, but it almost seems like the 26 deaths surrounding this bridge have ended up with either a hanging or someone dying shortly after. If you do go explore this bridge be careful because the hill leading up to the bridge makes it difficult for oncoming traffic to see you with your headlights off and car off.


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