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Scream Factory announces that 'Lord of Illusions' is getting a Blu-ray release

The DVD poster of 'Lord of Illusions'
DVD Cover/United Artists

Scream Factory made a surprise announcement today about the the release of "Lord of Illusions." Scream Factory is giving the film its first Blu-ray release and it'll be coming out later this Fall as a Collector's Edition.

They didn't provide anymore details about it, and said that more about it will be coming out this Summer.

"Lord of Illusions," was first released in 1995 and it's based on one of Clive Barker's short story, "The Last Illusion." Barker also directed the movie. The movie starred Scott Bakula, Kevin J. Connor, and Famke Janssen.

The film is about a private investigator, who goes to investigate an insurance claim, but instead meets a cult, and is caught up with a magician and his wife.

Scream Factory is also going to release another popular Clive Barker film, "Nightbreed." That film is slated to be released also in the Fall, according to Clive Barker's site.

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