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Scream Factory, a place where retro horror movies get their glory

Scream Factory, (a company part of Shout Factory) is probably one of the best places that buyers of horror have at the moment. What makes it so good?

Let's say you like a little movie called "Saturn 3," or you were a fan of those horror TV movies, well Scream Factory gives these movies a blu-ray or DVD copy for the public at reasonable prices.

Scream releases a lot of horror movies, they recently released the 80s remake of "Cat People" and a fun B-rated movie pack of two films, "The Beast of Horror Mountain" and "The Neanderthal Man."

Two movies that will be coming out earlier in February are the cult classic, "Night of the Demons," and another cult classic, "Witchboard." So from the released and the so to be released, Scream has a diverse and fun library.

They pack their movies with special features from interviews to how the movie was made. Fans also have a chance to get collector edition posters, when they buy some of their select movies ("Cat People" was one of those movies).

Best thing about them is how the company releases popular cult films, while tries to find those forgotten favorites to share to those fans, who have been waiting for a good release. While other companies either ignore these movies or produce not so great copies.

So for fans of classic drive-ins to 80s horror and between, will want to check out the site: "Scream Factory." It's worth the look.

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