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Scratch Food, a new organic food truck at First Friday this Friday

Chef Eric at First Friday, preparing Scratch Foods.
Chef Eric at First Friday, preparing Scratch Foods.
Travel Pixie Press, 2010

We have all seen the new craze take hold of foodies across the United States, but now we have our very own gourmet food trucks in Las Vegas.  This new trend in mobile food can be seen around Vegas, but one of the best turns up at a great local festival once a month.  Scratch Food, a unique organic, made from scratch food truck can be sampled at this month's and hopefully months to come at The Arts' District First Friday. 

Along with the other food cart , street art exhibits and entertainment choices you will find one of the best new organic chefs, Chef Eric, operating his own food coach on the north side Casino Center Dr. from the main intersection.  Scratch Food is a personal chef company that operates a mobile kitchen, instead of a location in a building. Scratch Food founders believe this helps them share their food with a wider audience, bringing food to the masses instead of the other way around.

The company believes in only using fresh, local and when available, organic food.  Chef Eric says that he had heard once "you are what you eat".  The operating philosophy of Scratch food is build on believing this to be true, Chef Eric spends a lot time in preparing his menu items and makes sure to incorporate fresh produce, unfrozen fresh meats, and herbs and spices. Making people feel good about what they eat, and to feel good because of what they eat, is the reason behind his passion for good, natural and untreated quality food.

Chef Eric says that while cooking from "scratch" is not easy, it makes all the difference in flavor and the benefit of what it does for your body.  With selections changing based on what is fresh and seasonal, the ever changing menu can include curry chicken and rice, sugar free brownies, fresh salads, kabobs, brisket sandwiches and herb crusted macaroni and cheese.

Not only does Scratch Food enrich local festivals, the company operates a successful catering business and will bring the food to you.  Catered parties, cooking classes and food truck vending is just some of the ways Chef Eric gets his food to Vegas.  For more information go to

If you are looking for something to do this Friday, First Friday is a great destination and it supports our local artists.  If you haven't been to a First Friday in the Arts District in Las Vegas, your missing out on one of the hot Las Vegas scenes.  First Friday occurs on the first Friday of every month in the Arts District of Downtown Las Vegas starting on the blocks of Main and Charleston and wrapping around to Casino Center Drive. 

Wear what you want, but make sure it includes comfortable shoes.  The evening is filled with wondering crowded, but cool art galleries in old for Vegas art deco buildings.  Beverage bars are sporadically placed throughout the galleries and food carts and stands are placed on the north side of the Arts Factory.  The festival spills outside and down the street off of Charleston and along Casino Center Drive.  In the streets adjacent to the Arts District you will discover street vending, art displays and entertainment.  It is loads of fun and no better place to people watch.


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