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Scramble for Mother's Day gifts is on

Buddha Board as creative and easy-to-use gift idea
Buddha Board as creative and easy-to-use gift idea

Shopping for Mom, Grandma or Aunt Margaret is sometimes never an easy task. “I don’t need anything, dear,” is a common refrain when the older gals are asked to give some hints. The prospect of shopping for someone dear, who also has some disabilities, can make Mother’s Day and all shopping holidays even more stressful. Here it is the afternoon of the day before Mother’s Day and there may be brunch or dinner plans tomorrow to celebrate, or perhaps a stop by the house or assisted living residence to visit and bring “a little something.” A little something that is still not purchased. There is still time to pick up something useful and unique for mom or that special older someone who loved like a mom. Suggestions also include places in metro Denver where the product is sold.

Nuwati Herbal Teas offer a host of options that bring not only good taste but healing qualities as well. The Buffalo Moon Coffee Shop in Golden, CO carries a selection of Nuwati teas. "Eye of the Hawk" tea enhances vision, for example, and "Storyteller" tea helps with memory and focus. See the complete collection.

The wide array of talking clocks and watches available at YouCan TooCan in southeast Denver offer style and practicality. Larger format watches with easy-to-read numbers may be a suitable option for someone who has a busy schedule and relies on a watch, but can no longer see the numbers. Mountain View Medical Supply in Arvada also carries a selection of low vision products.

Bed Bath and Beyond has multiple stores throughout the metro Denver area that carry hosts of fanciful, attractive and yet practical kitchen tools, for example, that would be a useful addition. For example, the “Temperature Sensitive LED Faucet Light” indicates red for hot water and blue for cool as an aid to help individuals know the temperature before putting their hand under the faucet. Scalding is an increasing risk for elders as their sensory perceptions diminish with the aging process. The unit is easy to install and fits most faucets. The device is also handy to have when children are in the home.

Planning an outing with a loved one can be one of the most cherished gifts received on special occasions. Nothing beats the gift of time spent together. The Denver Art Museum (DAM) offers a rich selection of activities and exhibits, including the King Tut exhibit. Tickets go on sale May 14 for the July 1 opening of this world-class event. "Face to Face" explores portrait drawings from a variety of Colorado art collections. "Exposure: Photos from the Vault" offers a tour of DAM’s vast photography collection including iconic works by Ansel Adams and Diane Arbus.

Enjoy a stroll through the DAM store which may spark the artist in the woman you bring (look for Buddha Board as an especially fun and creative option), coffee on the bridge between the old and new sections of the museum, and a late lunch at Palettes Restaurant inside the museum. The museum is fully accessible, including free wheelchairs on a first-come first-served basis, and adaptive and interpretive services. Contact for more details.

Another Mother’s Day will soon come…and go. Thinking outside the usual limits of perfume, scarves and flowers will almost always bring satisfaction, not only to the receiver, but to the giver of the gift. More people agree that feeling more competent as a shopper, especially on the day before an event, ranks much higher than feeling frazzled.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women who are mothers or who have mothered in some way!

Kathryn also writes as Denver Senior Care Examiner and Denver Disability Examiner. Contact for inquiries and suggestions for future topics. Select "subscribe" to receive Kathryn's articles on a regular basis. 


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