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Scouting on the range for promise

A proposal by a men's leadership group based in Denver is being discussed amongst leadership to adopt and maintain the integrity of the Boy Scouts of America after gay activists pressured the BSA to let openly gay boys join the scouting organization. It is expected that many evangelical churches will drop programs from the church but will be looking for resources and a Christian alternative to a group that was founded by Lord Baden Powell in England around 1907. Powell wrote by hand the first guide to scouting while he served in the Boer war at the turn of the century. Powell became a national hero and served as a decorated British general.

Roll over Beethoven
BSA archives

Scouts of Promise

Not entirely coincidentally Powell based his service organization to youth to build godly character in boys with an emphasis on service to God; country;family and community. Promise Keepers founded by then Colorado University Football Coach Bill McCartney, reached out to men who would promise to serve God; country, family and community. "For PK to engage young men proactively in the quest would be a logical next step," for the organization, whose stadium events resembled a kind of Jamboree for Christian men.

Boyz to Men Scouts

The PK leader who spoke to FREX, floated some ideas on how it would come full circle 105 years later to have a "military hero" head an organization that mentored young men in Biblical principals and character. He did not give any names but thought that it would be appropriate to have a board representing every branch of the service. "The abuse that organizations are taking from gay activists are quite opposite of character building. Leaders have been threatened and belittled in public and good people are afraid to speak out on beliefs that they hold dearly to,"he told us. "It is like every other social engineering project, it winds up defying what Martin Luther King spoke of civil rights and being judged on character and not by the "color of their skin." That speech unified us while these actions and behavior polarizes and divides, harasses, and shames the gospel."

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