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Scout Willis topless strolls Manhattan: Bizarre breast protest against Instagram

Scout Willis, the 22-year-old daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, took to the streets of Manhattan for a topless stroll and tweeted pictures of her breast baring protest along the way. Scout was protesting Instagram’s nudity policy, according to Fox News on May 29. The walk made her feel "empowered," but she said nothing about being a bit chilly!

Scout Willis might just have too much time on her hands. She strolled topless through Manhattan this week protesting Instagram's nudity policy.
Scout Willis/ Twitter

Many may be wondering about now if this child of privilege has too much time on her hands. It is not as if she was joined by a crowd of topless women protesting this world-shattering agenda. She was a solo topless stroller, but she looked beautiful while doing so. She posted a few of her pictures on her Twitter page to share with her followers.

This started when Scout posted a picture on Instagram, which was taken down. The picture was on a sweatshirt that depicted topless women with their nipples in full view. Apparently she doesn't feel that it is up to the social networks that allow you to post your photos for free to decide what type of picture is deemed appropriate or not. Her protest will fix that for sure, or at least that's what she's apparently aiming for.

While many people don’t have a problem seeing breasts, apparently Instagram does, so why not move on to another social network that does allow you to post your breasts, if there is one out there? It is so much more dramatic to go topless through the streets of Manhattan and it conjures up so much more attention.

One more side effect of the topless in Manhattan stroll is publicity. Now Scout wouldn’t be wanting any publicity would she? This is somewhat reminiscent of her mom’s M.O., Demi Moore, who would take to the bathroom mirror for a selfie in a bikini. Yes, both mother and daughter have beautiful bodies, but what’s with all the flaunting?

Scout wore a beautiful floral skirt and sandals in the pictures she posted. They came with captions explaining her rage against the social network machine! Miss Willis wrote:

"Legal in NYC but not on Instagram," which she used as a caption for one of her pictures. She captioned another: "What @Instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple."

MSN Wonderwall suggest that Scout “isn’t quite up to Norma Rae’s standards.” One of her followers boldly told her she is exploiting herself. She wrote back, “I feel very empowered and brave though, not exploited. People have been incredibly supportive.”

She also posted a mini rant about her own comfort level with her body. She does not want the way "she feels about her body to be dictated by how others perceive me." She then said:

“I done wish to force this view on anyone.”

Really, what do you call walking topless in mid-town Manhattan? If she really didn’t wish to force her view, maybe a country stroll would have been more the way to go. Her tweeted disclosure of “If you don’t like what you see, simply unfollow me,” Is duly noted.

Unfortunately the “unfollow” button for the streets of Manhattan wasn’t working this week. She was on a roll, pulling venture capitalist’s Dan Bilerian’s Instagram posts into the picture via screen grabs. She also tweeted:

"Pictures of breast cancer survivors have been flagged + deleted but this is super #sick and #hot amiright?" This was posted under a tweeted picture of a woman scantily dressed in hot pants. "@Instagram I'm sure this woman feels super safe and validated by your community guidelines."

Scout’s Instagram account is down, but that doesn’t seem to be enough to stop her, she writes:

"Thinking of starting a new Instagram account as an experiment. Only beautiful, artistic nudes. And let's see how long till I get kicked off.”

World hunger, missing children, exploited children, animal cruelty and along with all the wrongs this cruel world is facing, not being able to show your breasts on a social network is definitely the thing to protest today. This appears to be a solo mission on Scout's part, as the stroll didn't seem to conjure up any other women joining in and taking off their shirts.

Did it work? Is Instagram changing the rules so that breasts are allowed on their social network? Probably not, but chances are her topless pictures will be seen by millions today.

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