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Scotty McCreery owes: Jury gives former manager $239k in lawsuit

Scotty McCreery owes big money to his manager for work the man did while working for the "American Idol" winner. A jury reached a verdict in the lawsuit against McCreery earlier this week. The singer may have won "American Idol" back in 2011, but he has made news in recent months for more than his music. CMT reported on the result of this lawsuit on June 19.

This lawsuit was based on a relationship McCreery had back in late 2012 and early 2013 with a manager by the name of Todd Cassetty. The manager handled things for McCreery for those few months, but he was let go by McCreery. After the end of their working relationship, Cassetty asked for the 15 percent in revenue he was owed as a manager for handling things for McCreery during that time period. That is the industry standard. McCreery offered the man two percent, but he was not happy with that.

Cassetty filed the lawsuit against Judy McCreery in July 2013. She is McCreery's mother, and she still handles the business side of things when it comes to her son's career. In the lawsuit, Cassetty claimed that McCreery had emailed him following the firing with an offer of 15 percent of the tour revenue. McCreery stated that he didn't make that offer. The jury did find in favor of the former manager, but the jury did not award the amount the man was seeking. He asked for $570,000 for the time he worked for McCreery. He was given $239,000.

McCreery did speak out about the decision after it was handed down. He said the following: "I am very pleased with the management fee ruling of only $239,000, which was less than half of the $570,000 Mr. Cassetty requested. It was always my intention to pay Mr. Cassetty and indeed had offered to pay him more than once. His request, however, for over half a million dollars was too much for a few months of work. While it has been difficult to risk having my reputation challenged, I always believed that the truth would prevail, and it has."

What has McCreery done since his time on "American Idol" in 2011? The singer has released three albums, and his latest release has given him his first top 10 hit. That hit is the title track of his current release "See You Tonight." The singer is currently on tour to promote the release. He will be in Arizona on Sunday.

McCreery has made the news for more than his music too. He was the victim of a home invasion when he was visiting friends in North Carolina back in May. One of the men involved in the crime has been arrested. During the incident, McCreery had a gun held to his head, and he was shoved into a closet with his friends. McCreery said in an interview with AZ Central that he and his friends are all "doing fine" now. Find out more about that incident by watching the video above.

This "American Idol" winner has managed to stay in the spotlight, but he is also trying to make a name for himself away from the show. At the age 20, he still has a lot of years ahead of him.

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