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Scotty McCreery owes $239K to his ex-manager

Scotty McCreery
Photo by Larry Busacca

News is out that the "American Idol" alumni Scotty McCreery now owes his manager $239K. On Thursday, USA Today shared how a jury made the decision today that yes Scotty does owe this money. Todd Cassetty explained that industry standard is 15% of earnings and Scotty owed this to him. McCreery denied actually owing that much money and it ended up in court.

The jury decided that yes Scotty does owe this money to his former manager and he would have to pay up. All of the other grounds that he tried to sue on were denied though. He only owes the $239K to Todd.

Scotty has his mom Judy handle most of his business affairs. He was pretty young when he was on "American Idol" so that is not surprising at all. The thing is that Todd and Scotty never had a written agreement, but he did manage him for about a year. He never paid him at all and then the two parted ways. He then offered to pay him only 2% instead of 15% and that was just not enough for him.

McCreery said he always planned to pay Todd but he was asking for more than he planned to pay him. He also thanked his fans for supporting him during this time. They always seem to be on his side no matter what and that is great to have. Scotty will tell you he has some of the best fans out there.

Scotty McCreery has been on his Twitter account since but hasn't spoken out at all on this matter via social network. He is simply talking about his sold out tour dates and how great things are going. Scotty might not talk about it anymore than the small statement that he issued. Now it is over and he just has to simply pay the $239K fee that is owed to Todd Cassetty his ex-manager.

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