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Scotty McCreery 'loses' legal dispute; 'American Idol' owes $240K to manager

Scotty McCreery was involved in a legal dispute with his former manager, Todd Cassetty, and a jury’s verdict this week resulted in the “American Idol” star owing almost $240,000 to the music industry expert. Although it may appear that McCreery “lost” the ongoing battle between the two opposing parties, the singer still counts the decision as a victory, saying he planned on paying Cassetty something from the start. USA Today shares the details on this breaking court case this Thursday, June 19, 2014.

Scotty McCreery loses his legal dispute with manager
Photo by Larry Busacca

Scotty McCreery and his career are still moving upward, but the “American Idol” winner’s working relationship with his former music manager went south months ago. The talented singer was ordered to pay Todd Cassetty a total of $239,329 for his services, putting an end to the financial dispute between them. The jury’s verdict is not said to be a complete loss for McCreery, as he noted in a statement that the monetary amount is still far less than the $570,000 Cassetty was initially asking from him.

The problems between the music industry guru and Scotty McCreery began when Cassetty sued the “American Idol” winner for a number of weeks of unpaid service — up to five months. Cassetty said that McCreery needed to give him a total of 15 percent of the gross revenue he had made. The case was taken to trial when the “American Idol” refused the request.

Apparently, notes the Tennessean in their coverage, Cassetty brought several other minor charges up as well in the courtroom, but these were all dismissed. As cited in the lawsuit, Scotty McCreery’s mother participated in the court case as a defendant, having been involved with the singer’s business transactions. Shortly after McCreery hired the music manager, the two parties wanted to go their separate ways.

The business relationship came to an abrupt end last year in April, but the lawsuit cited McCreedy never properly paying Cassetty after working with him for several months. The “American Idol” star was allegedly willing to pay the music industry veteran two percent instead of 15 percent for his services, but Cassetty said this was not nearly enough. Todd Cassetty has a long and experienced history in the music world as a celebrity manager, while Scotty McCreery gained fame with his voice after winning "American Idol" back in 2011.

With the jury’s verdict, however, the legal dispute between the two has come to a seeming end. McCreery will pay almost $240,000 to Cassetty, but the singer gave a prepared statement. He announced he did not feel he was losing due to the decision, and was “pleased the jury award was less than the $570,000 Cassetty first requested.”

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