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Scotty McCreery earns gold for ‘See You Tonight’

Scotty McCreery strikes gold with first penned song
Christopher Polk, Getty Images for Wonderwall)

Scotty McCreery is celebrating his third Gold certified song. His debut single, “See You Tonight” from the album of the same name has now reached the 500,000 sales mark, according to a report by All Access Music Group on February 27.

“See You Tonight” is the American Idol winner’s fourth song on country radio airwaves and it has out-performed all of his previous offerings including his first hit “The Trouble With Girls.” “See You Tonight” peaked at #10 on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart, but it is still moving up on the Country Airplay chart at the time of its gold certification.

Scotty McCreery said of reaching another golden milestone:

This is the one I'm most proud of.

His statement is most likely due to the fact that Scotty McCreery had a hand in writing “See You Tonight.” Having co-written the song with Nashville songwriters Ashley Gorley and Zach Crowell, it is the first of Scotty McCreery’s singles that he has had a personal interest in.

Scotty McCreery is currently delighting fans with his See You Tonight Tour. His next stop is Sea World Florida on March 1st, then on to his home state of North Carolina for a show on the 12th.

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