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Scotty McCreery and friends held up by a gunman in apartment in Raleigh

Scotty McCreery
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images

In shocking news, Scotty McCreery and his friends were held up by a gunman while in an apartment in Raleigh. On Monday, Taste of Country shared the news about what happened to him. The singer was just simply hanging out with friends when three men broke into the apartment and held them up. This had to be scary for the country music singer.

Luckily Scott wasn't hurt, but the men took their wallets and cell phones. It sounds like they were just looking for money and not to harm anyone. Neighbors said that they could hear a lot of yelling going on asking who the men were that had barged into the apartment.

On Sunday, Scotty went to his Twitter account and said, "Worst morning of my life…" He did not go on to describe what happened though and fans started replying right away. They wanted to know if he was okay and more information. He has tweeted a few things since then but nothing about the incident yet. Scotty went on to talk about how it sounded like he just missed a flight and would ride boxcars from now on.

Obviously that was not the worst morning of his life considering that this morning is when the gunman held him up. Scotty will probably be thankful the next time his bad day consists of a flight problem. He is lucky to be alive after having three men with guns take his stuff from him.

Scotty McCreery is working hard right now and touring. His fans are really glad to hear that the singer is okay. Hopefully nothing like this ever happens to him again and they can figure out who did this to him. At this time, there is no news that the men were caught or have been located. Fans are hoping that they are able to catch them and get justice for McCreery.

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