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Scottish terrier wins Best in Show at the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club show

A Scottish terrier took home the top award at the 2010 Westminster Kennel Club show. Sadie is certainly a fine example of the breed and, on her talk show circuit today, she showed the spunk and spark typical of a great scottie.

According to the Cecil Whig, Sadie is not the first scottie to take home a Best in Show. Seven other scotties have also won this award.

Hopefully, this win by a very personable little dog does not create a huge demand for scotties by people who do not understand the breed. Anyone interested in adding a Scottish terrier to his or her home should realize that these dogs are terriers with a strong prey instinct and they are not really suitable for homes with young children. Of course, there are exceptions, like our Sophie, who is excellent with children and doesn't care to hunt, but most scotties do best with older kids and adults. Younger children tend to run through the yard screaming and laughing or make sudden movements inside that trigger a scottie's hunting instincts.

Anyone who is considering adding a Scottish terrier to his or her home may want to talk to these local resources about whether a scottie is the right choice: