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Scottish band, PAWS, comes to San Diego

PAWS live at the Casbah-slide0
Photo: Lauren Wilson

“Their vibrant melodic verses give off a bubbly, positive vibe, but dig a bit deeper and occasionally the lyrics unexpectedly turn darker. Stories of self-alienation, paranoia and insecurities are slipped in between the rhythmic, fast-paced energy of the Misfits.” - MTV

These aren’t the positive words given about Glasgow band, PAWS, who are currently on tour with We Are Scientists. Edgy, raucous, and high octane, this Scottish trio embodies what punk used to be all about.

In 2012, PAWS released their debut album, Cokefloat!, which has been praised for its frighteningly catchy songs that run with deep lyrics and emotional themes. Their sophomore album, Youth Culture Forever, dropped on May 6th . Recorded in New York, the album is more beefed up than their previous venture, but still drips in 90s influence.

PAWS have been touring seemingly non stop for the past few years. From Europe to the US, they finally hit San Diego for the first time in support of We Are Scientists. Playing at the Casbah, it seemed that not many, if any, had heard of them before. It was definitely up to the band to win them over. Between songs Phillip would yell at the audience to “Wake up!” While unenergetic at first, the crowd began to liven up through the night.

Even though they may be unknowns, the energy of PAWS live is nothing but infectious. Jumping, head banging, and swinging around their instruments, it’s a wonder how they actually managed to play their instruments through the chaos. Drummer, Josh, admits to being tired after the first song, but he keeps up with night in some of the most technical and fast paced drumming I’ve seen in a while. At the set’s closing song, “Poor Old Christopher Robin,” half of the drum set was kicked over, Ryan was drilling his bass guitar into the ground and the speakers buzzed with the feedback of the guitar.

PAWS is what a punk band, and show, should be, quick and gritty songs with an undying energy and passion performed onstage. Catch their tour and newest album, Youth Culture Forever.

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