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Scottie Pippen 'greatest'? Pippen declares he is best Chicago Bull ever

Scottie Pippen declares his greatness in the new Foot Locker ad.
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Is Scottie Pippen the greatest player to ever wear a Chicago Bulls uniform? Pippen thinks so and he is ready to let the world know it, well at least according to a new ad from Foot Locker. According to a Yahoo! Sports report on Aug. 5, NBA star James Harden asks former star Charles Barkley how he can start off the new year fresh. Barkley's response, "fresh gear from Foot Locker and a short memory."

In this humorous 45 second clip the former "round mound of rebound" not only denies he carried that nickname, he also does not recall having a bad game in his entire career. After several denials, Harden goes on to ask Barkley about that "time he threw that guy out the window?" Barkley proudly responds with, "I'm a pacifist!"

After the banter between Harden and Barkley about how a short memory is the key to success in the NBA, Sir Charles makes his case and point by getting Scottie Pippen involved in the conversation.

Barkley once again tells Harden that the key to success is a short memory. "The greatest to ever play the game have short memories, just ask Scottie Pippen," In which Pippen replies "I am the greatest Chicago Bull of all time!"

Of course that line is a play off the great Michael Jordan, whom Pippen played with for most of his career. Pippen's huge smile and tongue and cheek attitude makes the new Foot Locker commercial a must see for NBA fans.

Barkley and Pippen do a great job in this funny piece, but they obviously may have a few problems remembering how the past events of their career really unfolded.

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