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Scottie Pippen: Defamation lawsuit for $10 million rejected, Pippen claims out

A Scottie Pippen defamation lawsuit for $10 million dollars has been rejected this week by the U.S. Supreme Court over a lack of convincing libelous evidence. Former basketball star Scottie Pippen was accusing a number of national media sources that he was filing for bankruptcy when this was untrue, and did not clear the information even after he confronted them on the issue. News Max reports this Tuesday, June 17, 2014, that the case has been ongoing for quite some time now, but the Supreme Court has decided in its most recent ruling that all claims are to be tossed out.

Scottie Pippen and his defamation lawsuit are thrown out
Wikimedia Commons

Scottie Pippen may have filed a defamation lawsuit against such news outlets as CBS Interactive and NBC Universal Media, but apparently there’s a higher standard for public figures in the eyes of the law. Without any direct proof of “actual malice,” Pippen’s claims were ultimately rejected by the judges’ decree.

According to the press release, several news outlets had reported (quite falsely) that the basketball star was going through money troubles and had filed for bankruptcy. However, even when a formal complaint was made by Scottie Pippen, they allegedly “refused to remove or correct the published stories once the truth was made clear.”

News Oxy has shared that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the former NBA star was a celebrity, or individual categorized as a public figure, so he needed to show a “higher burden of proof” in order to allege that he had been defamed or libeled against. The $10 million Scottie Pippen defamation was thus thrown out on lack of evidence for “published reports with actual malice” or intentions behind them.

In earlier court hearings, Pippen’s personal attorneys were claiming that the media sources should be held responsible for the wrongful act because they “acted with malice because they refused to correct or remove the erroneous reports from websites after being alerted to the error.”

While Scottie Pippen may have lost this particular claims case and a potential $10 million, his legendary status as a basketball player, current advisor to the Chicago Bulls and celebrity figure, and lots of money will help him get over the defeat quite soon.

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