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Scott Weiland 'innocent', bizarre drug arrest a mix up

Weiland promoting his book in 2011.
Photo by Joe Corrigan/Getty Images

Some things are just too weird to make up, and this stranger-than-fiction story is one you have to read to believe. TMZ first reported (with others following) that Scott Weiland, the former front man for Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver, was arrested in July for possession of Meth outside a drug store (ironic much) in Beverly Hills. He allegedly stole razor blades, which were found on him along with the Meth when police apprehended him and searched him in the parking lot. According to the report, he has been in jail since then, unable to post the $95,000 bail.

Now here comes the interesting part. Yesterday, Weiland posted a video to Facebook, not from a jail cell but from the recording studio to say that he was NOT in jail but recording and working on a new album. Turns out that he had nothing to do with the aforementioned incident. So how did things get so twisted?

The cops may be to blame just a tad. The man they arrested was actually 44 year-old Jason Michael Hurley, who told the BHPD that he was Scott Weiland. They admitted to their mistake eventually, saying that delayed processing in fingerprinting caused them to maintain that the man was who he claimed to be despite a full physical examination.

As for Weiland, he had this to say:

“I just got [done] reading something very interesting. A nice piece of fiction from TMZ saying that I was in jail and have been for a month. I’ve actually been touring, writing and recording my new album, at the studio we’re in right now, a Los Angeles studio. So all I have to say to our fans is whether you find it funny, or interesting, or whether you’re sad, don’t worry, don’t fret. It’s a lie. TMZ, you’ll be hearing from my attorneys. Thank you.”

You can watch the video here.

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