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Scott Training System: The second part to your killer ab workout

The Scott Fitness System is just beginning to take flight here in Calgary. Training winners is nothing new to James Scott though. His personal training clients have earned themselves a number of accolades. In two years of personal training, Scott's clients, to his credit, have earned twelve body building titles, made the cut on five different pro cards, and have earned two World Champion titles. Scott himself was Canada's Strongest Man under 210 pounds in 1999.

The day James shared this killer core workout, he was taking it easy due to feeling a little under the weather. He ran the curling club stairs on Memorial Drive in the morning, had a powerlifting sesion in the gym and capped his day off with a relaxing 5km run. Imagine what his tough training days must be like.

The final two exercises of the giant set in this killer ab workout are basic and simple movements compared to the first two in the previous article. This makes perfect sense as your core will certainly start to feel the symptoms of fatigue after the tough abdominal pull downs and hanging leg raises.


There are many variations to the plank, so as you progress you can integrate different positions (e.g.: side plank, straight arm plank, pushup plank, and reverse plank). The most common is the front plank. To get into this position all you need to do is:

Lie on your belly while resting on your forearms. You may want to get a mat or find a soft surface. Push up off the floor but keep your forearms, elbows, and toes on the ground. Your elbows should be right under your shoulders. Your shoulders should be relaxed and away from the ears. Suck your abs in really tight and tuck your pelvis under a bit. Your whole body should be one straight line. Make sure your butt isn’t sagging or sticking up in the air. You’re now in plank position!

Hold this for max effort. Don’t hold your breath!!!

Bent Crunches

Lie flat on the floor with the legs over a bench so that the thighs are perpendicular to the floor. Cross the arms over the chest. Don't place the arms behind the head, as there is a serious possibility to pull the body forward with the arms, thereby taking the focus off the abs and the chance of injuring the neck region increases.

Once you are in the proper starting position, simply raise your upper back off the floor very slowly and roll forward until you reach the end point of the movement."

Some final pointers from James Scott about ab workouts

"I recommend training your abs twice per week and with max effort everytime, there is nothing more appealing then a firm waist line not to mention the physical benefits of overall fitness if your core is in shape.

Sore back, train abs; weak squat, train abs; not happy with your deadlifts then hit your abs, plyometric training is falling short of where you need it to be, "abs" are the answer. If you are a crossfit junkie but not hitting the numbers you want then smash your abs and watch your overall fitness go through the roof...."

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